The core purpose of the Regint Ministries is rooted in its underlying passion to see souls come to the fullness of their status in Christ through the understanding of their rightful position with God in Redemption. We believe everyone called and chosen of God in Redemption is ordained for greatness, however this is only possible with a sense of responsibility, accountability, commitment in pursuit of excellence.

G – Great Achievements: we believe and teach the need for members to strive towards attaining great heights in their area of calling or in a choice career path.

R – Responsibility: we teach our members to be responsible in handling whatever is given to them and all that is placed in their care, as it is the covenant pathway to greatness.

A – Accountability: we believe and teach our members on the importance of detail record keeping about their duties to God and his kingdom as well as other aspects of their life’s endeavours as it impacts on their success.

C – Commitment: we teach members to put in their best at all times to the service they render to God as an act of worship and to remain faithful stewards towards the advancement of God’s kingdom.

E – Excellence: we teach members to distinguish themselves as they render their services to God and as a way of life.